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  • High temperature spring

  • compression springcompression spring is a spiral spring which bears axial pressure. its material section is mostly circular, and it is also made of rectangular and multi strand steel. generally, the spring is of equal pitch. the shapes of compression spring are cylindrical, conical, convex and concave, and a small amount of noncircular. there will be a certain gap between the coils of the compression spring. when the spring is subjected to external load, the spring will have a certain gap shrinkage deformation, storage deformation energy. variable pitch spring is more and more common, not just equal pitch spring, variable pitch spring can play a different role in different environments.

  • tension springThe tension spring can absorb and store energy, and has resistance to tension. Its initial tension is determined by the tightness of the tension spring coil. The initial tension can be adjusted to achieve the load in special applications. demand.
    The tension spring is often compressed in a free position (under no load) and can have loops, hooks, holes or other geometrical components at the ends. In order for parts to stretch to the target position, they are frequently used to provide resilience.

  • torsion springA torsion spring is a helical spring that can apply torque or rotational force. The end of the torsion spring is connected to other parts. When those parts rotate around the center of the spring, the spring pushes them back to their original positions. Although this name may have other meanings. The torsion spring seems to act more like a deformation force than a torque. They can store and release energy or fix a mechanical part in a certain position by twisting the spring arm along the vertical axis of the spring body.

  • wave springIn the application environment with small space, Liyu wave spring can replace the traditional round spring. Generally speaking, the wave spring is only 30%~50% of the compression height of the round spring. When the same load is applied, the deformation of the round spring is greater.

Product classification

  • Triangular shield spring
  • Inclined coil spring finger
  • Electronic cigarette heating wire spring
  • Wave spring
  • Compression spring
  • Tension spring
  • Torsion spring
  • Square spring
  • circlip
  • Needle, straight needle, roller
  • High voltage switch spring
  • Application classification

    • Automobile
    • medical care
    • clocks and watches
    • others
  • It is mainly used in automobile steering system, clutch, engine and peripheral system, gear system, rearview mirror, ABS / ESP / ESC motor, automobile interior decoration
  • Springs are used in many parts of the car, such as:
    Engine: valve spring, inner pressure spring of belt tensioner, inner spring of hydraulic tappet
    Body: window regulator, inner spring of hood lock, stop spring of hydraulic rod of spare box cover, return spring of rearview mirror and seat spring
  • Chassis: internal spring of shock absorber, damping spring, return spring of vacuum booster pump, return spring of brake pump / wheel cylinder, and axle spring plate
    Gearbox: clutch driven plate torsion spring, release bearing return spring, diaphragm spring of driving plate, accelerator, brake, clutch return pedal spring, shift mechanism spring, reversing lamp switch and brake lamp inner contact spring
    Electrical appliances: carbon brush spring in generator, return spring of ignition switch
  • Others: Automobile idle air control valve spring, automobile exhaust gas circulation control valve spring, automobile brake spring, automobile steering pump steering system spring, automobile oil pump spring, automobile clutch spring, automobile valve spring, automobile VCT / VVT scroll spring, automobile air conditioning valve spring, automobile accelerator pedal spring, automobile sensor spring
  • Medical spring: mainly used in syringe, drug delivery device, blood glucose meter, blood collection, puncture device, pregnancy test device, etc
  • Guide wire spring guide wire catheter spring medical guide wire medical guide wire, disposable interventional medical guide wire, Teflon coated guide wire, super sliding guide wire
  • Medical gastroscope spring hot pole catheter spring precision medical guide wire spring needle free syringe spring, rod type continuous syringe spring, medical spring shadowless lamp pressure spring stainless steel guide wire, nasogastric tube guide wire, medical tube spring_ Medical catheters Medical wire spring, probe spring
  • Medical device transmitter spring, medical device spring, medical device spring, spring guide wire, medical guide wire Endoscopy, bronchoscope, gastroscope, enteroscope, wire feeding hose, microcatheter, medical endotracheal intubation spring, endoscopic hose, endoscopic snake tube, stent hose, shaping hose, digestive endoscopy, metal hose

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