Changzhou Liyu spring Co., Ltd

corporate culture

Mission of LIYU

Provide sincere and sincere service for every customer who finds us
Provide complete after-sales guarantee for all customers in cooperation
Provide help and support within our capacity for every customer who is looking for
Focus on small precision cold coil springs with wire diameters of 0.1~6mm, one-time cooperation, lifetime service!

Corporate Vision

Continuously listen to and meet user needs, guide and exceed user needs, and win user respect
By enhancing the brand image, employees have a high sense of corporate honor and win the respect of employees
Promote the healthy development of the spring industry, grow together with partners, and win the respect of the industry
Pay attention to corporate responsibility, serve with heart, care for society, give back to society, and win social respect


Honest and trustworthy, performance-oriented, people-oriented, innovative development

development concept

Be real, stronger, bigger, better, and longer (5M principle)

enterprise spirit

Pragmatic, professional, collaborative, dedicated, dedicated, honest, pioneering and innovative In addition to the above five cultural elements, we also use the following as slogans for Liyu cultural promotion, which will be used in internal and external promotion:
Keep the right and bring forth the new, the right way is far-reaching
Standing like mountains, roads like water
Work with you to change lives
Take the right way and moisturize China

Look to the future

We believe that as long as all Liyu people always have the solemn mission of "leading business progress and creating a better life together", we are determined to abide by "honesty and trustworthiness, performance-oriented, people-oriented, innovative development" Values, strictly follow the development philosophy of “being solid, stronger, bigger, doing well, and growing” and vigorously promote the corporate spirit of “pragmatic, professional, synergistic, and dedication”, and you will surely be able to achieve “public trust and love” as soon as possible The grand vision of "a globalized enterprise" will realize the evergreen foundation and build a century-old store.

Service standards

Raw material standards:

Our company strictly controls the quality of raw materials, and all materials used comply with internationally accepted standards

Production process standard:

The process requirements of the core production process strictly follow the internationally accepted standards

Tolerance standard:

There are no special requirements for the springs used by customers. Our company refers to the secondary accuracy in the internationally accepted standards.


All springs will give customer feedback within 2 hours, and the quotation will be completed within 24-48 hours;


All prices are subject to change. If there is any change, we will communicate with you in time.

Order amount:

If there are less than 10 custom-made springs of the same style, the charge is based on 10 springs, ranging from 300 to 1000 yuan.


According to different spring types, materials and specifications, the delivery time is also different. But overall, more than 80% of the springs are delivered within 24 hours as promised by our company.

Shipping document standard:

Liyu Spring can provide free finished product inspection report and delivery note to each batch of orders; raw material certification: we only provide material traceability (chemical or physical) certification for special orders, but An additional fee will be charged.
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