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inclined coil spring finger·CUSTOMIZATION

The canted coil spring is also called spring contact finger, contact finger spring, and ring spring. It can transmit strong current in a small space and can also be used as a pure mechanical connection. There are no restrictions on its use, and it is suitable for use in a variety of static or dynamic medium and high pressure environments. The size of the spring contact finger and the number of independent coil turns make the spring suitable for various electrical contact designs, and the largest contact point is the best current-carrying capacity for electrical or EMI shielding. Each coil will independently compensate for contact and surface changes, which allows for wider tolerances between accessories. Multiple contact points increase conductivity, and its operating temperature is relatively low, so the service life is longer.

Our spring finger technology is used for power contacts in various industries, including medical electronics, medical equipment, aerospace and defense, energy and automobiles, etc.

Technical parameters of finger spring (also known as canted coil spring, ring spring)

To customize the finger spring, you need to provide the following necessary parameter information:
Wire diameter d: mm (Note: the diameter of the spring wire)
Spring inner diameter Di: mm (Note: inner diameter of ring spring)
Oblique circle major diameter W: mm (Note: oblique circle ellipse major axis)
Oblique circle diameter H: mm (Note: Oblique circle ellipse minor axis)
To customize the finger spring, you also need to provide the following technical requirements:
Total number of laps: (Note: the total number of turns of the oblique coil)
Material requirements: (Such as: beryllium copper C17200, C17500, chromium zirconium copper C18500, stainless steel SUS304, 316... etc.)
Surface treatment: (Description: copper plating\nickel plating\silver plating\gold plating\...etc)
Outer diameter of spring: (Note: the outer diameter of the ring spring)
other request: (Such as: spring usage, current requirements, shape and flatness requirements, welding requirements, etc.)

Spring contact fingers have the following features

  • Simple structure, small size, less materials, and low cost; meet the space requirements of device design

  • The requirement of small size is suitable for compact design; the minimum number of parts simplifies the design of connecting devices.

  • Multi-point contact and high concentration force can achieve almost lossless contact. Ensure a large current carrying capacity; good electrical conductivity, high electrical and thermal stability.

  • The contact pressure of each contact point is not high, and its silver-plated layer has good wear resistance during opening and closing operations.

  • The unique structure makes it have a wide working range; allows larger tolerances on the joint surface; has greater adaptability to processing and assembly errors, and is more suitable for mass production.
  • Materials for spring contact fingers

  • Spring contact fingers are mainly used for high-voltage switch electrical contacts. The products currently provided in the domestic market can be divided into three materials: high-conductivity beryllium bronze CuCo2Be (C17500), high-strength beryllium bronze CuBe2 (C17200), chromium zirconium copper CrZrCu (C18150).

  • Foreign countries are represented by ABB, and domestically, by the Institute of Metal Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, high-conductivity beryllium bronze CuCo2B (C17500) is selected.

  • Some domestic manufacturers use high-strength beryllium bronze CuBe2 (C17200) to produce spring contact fingers.

  • A US manufacturer chooses CrZrCu (C18150).
  • Spring Finger Application

  • High and medium voltage switch
  • Busbar connector
  • High current connector
  • Solid sealing pole
  • High-voltage cable end pieces
  • Fuse connector
  • Mechatronics application
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