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torsion spring·CUSTOMIZATION

A torsion spring is a helical spring that can apply torque or rotational force. The end of the torsion spring is connected to other parts. When those parts rotate around the center of the spring, the spring pushes them back to their original positions. Although this name may have other meanings. The torsion spring seems to act more like a deformation force than a torque. They can store and release energy or fix a mechanical part in a certain position by twisting the spring arm along the vertical axis of the spring body.

Parameter index of torsion spring

To customize torsion springs, you need to provide the following necessary parameter information:
Wire diameter d: mm (Note: the diameter of the spring wire)
Outer diameter D2: mm (Note: the diameter of the outer circle of the spring)
Expanded length L0: mm (Description: the expanded length of the spring)
Number of laps Tum: lap (Note: the total number of turns of the spring)
Angle Deg: ° (Note: the original angle between the twisted feet)
For customized compression springs, you also need to provide the following technical requirements:
turn around: (Description: Left-handed\Right-handed)
Material requirements: (Such as: stainless steel wire SUS, carbon steel wire SWC, piano wire SWP, copper wire... etc.)
Surface treatment: (Explanation: blackening\galvanizing\nickel plating\chrome plating\baking paint\powder spraying\electrophoresis\shot peening\dacromet\electrolytic polishing...etc.)
Strength requirements: (Note: Elastic performance, other technical requirements, etc.)

Two ends structure

  • Straight closing
  • Short hook closing
  • Hinge closing
  • Straight twist closing
  • Curved closing
  • Double twist closing
  • Surface treatment

  • Blackening
  • Zinc plating
  • Nickel plating
  • Shot Peening
  • Polishing
  • Dacromet
  • Apply anti-rust oil
  • Electrolytic polishing
  • Teflon spray
  • Wire diameter specifications

  • 0.1~6mm
  • Materials

  • Carbon spring steel wire SWC
  • Nickel-plated wire, galvanized wire
  • Piano wire SWPB
  • Copper wire, phosphor copper wire, beryllium copper wire
  • Stainless steel wire SUS301, SUS302, SUS304, SUS316, SUS631
  • Square wire, flat wire, semicircular wire
  • 65Mn
  • Alloy material wire
  • 82B
  • Other special specifications steel wire
  • 55CrSi (SWOSC-V)
  • torsion spring

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