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In the application environment with small space, Liyu wave spring can replace the traditional round spring. Generally speaking, the wave spring is only 30%~50% of the compression height of the round spring. When the same load is applied, the deformation of the round spring is greater

The parameters of the wave spring

The advantages of wave springs

The uniqueness of the wave spring is that in terms of workload, the space occupied by the wave spring is relatively small. In fact, wave springs can reduce the size and weight of components by up to 50%. The wave spring is made of 17-7 stainless steel single-stranded filament, contains a continuous precision coil, and the diameter is consistent with the waveform. The diameter range is: 0.375 inches (9.52 mm) to 1.25 inches (31.75 mm) in order to meet the load requirements: 4 lbs (1.8 kg) to 30 lbs (13.6 kg).


  • The thickness range is 0.006 inches (0.15 mm) ~ 0.039 inches (1 mm)

  • The wire width is 0.024 inches (0.60 mm) ~ 0.230 inches (6.00 mm)

  • The outer diameter range is 0.25 inches (6.00 mm) ~ 5 inches (127.00 mm)
  • Structure

  • Conventional (bottle loops at both ends closed)
  • Flat loops at both ends closed
  • Surface treatment

  • Blackening
  • Zinc plating
  • Nickel plating
  • Shot Peening
  • Polishing
  • Dacromet
  • Apply anti-rust oil
  • Electrolytic polishing
  • Teflon spray
  • Materials

  • Carbon spring steel wire SWC
  • Nickel-plated wire, galvanized wire
  • Piano wire SWPB
  • Copper wire, phosphor copper wire, beryllium copper wire
  • Stainless steel wire SUS301, SUS302, SUS304, SUS316, SUS631
  • Square wire, flat wire, semicircular wire
  • 65Mn
  • Alloy material wire
  • 82B
  • Other special specifications steel wire
  • 55CrSi (SWOSC-V)
  • wave spring

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